Sunday, September 5, 2010

Vintage, perfected

A few months ago, I found this adorable peach full-skirted 50's dress at Feathers here in Austin.  It fit perfectly, but I had only worn it once as the length wasn't quite right. Well, my husband & I have now become obsessed with Mad Men--we got sucked in last season and have since caught up thanks to the magic of Netflix!  I was inspired to revisit this dress and lop off just enough length to prevent Stubby Legs Syndrome, while keeping the original mid-century vibe.

The original--
(That's Albie!)

Ta-daaa!  Slightly shorter.

In the end I only took about 3 inches off, but it feels like a huge difference.  This was lovely in its original form, but this length will be better with flats I think.  Hooray practicality! 

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