Monday, September 13, 2010

Let's Make a Dress--Part 2

So, I've dyed, rinsed, dried 5 yards of fabric, and harvested vintage fabric from an unused jacket.  I decided not to fully line the dress as indicated on the pattern instructions--the mere thought of an extra layer made me feel sweaty.  Yuck!  I used this pattern--super easy to follow.  Just cut the pieces & follow the instructions, pin, sew, and repeat until your piles of fabric turn into a dress!

I did run a little short on the main fabric, so I cut the pocket and belt linings from sari silk left over from another project (actually several projects, but that's for another post)...

This was the first time I got to use my new overlock machine, a birthday gift from my parents.  If you do a lot of sewing, I think you'll understand my excitement.  It makes everything so much easier, and finishes all those edges that would normally fray in the wash!

While sewing my buttons on I watched Cartoon Noir via Netflix.  Check it out!  Especially the mannequin short "Club of the Discarded".

But anyways...voila!  The finished product:

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