Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Right Attitude

"I buy things because I fall in love with them. I never buy anything just because it’s valuable. My husband used to say I look at a piece of fabric and listen to the threads. It tells me a story. It sings me a song. I have to get a physical reaction when I buy something. A coup de foudre – a bolt of lightning. It’s fun to get knocked out that way!”
-Iris Apfel

I really don't buy clothes or go shopping very often.  I worked in retail for several years, and because of that shopping just doesn't feel recreational anymore.  And that's a good thing!  I think a lot of women get caught up in that shopping high, buying things that aren't needed (and sometimes returning them--shopping bulimia is a big pet peeve of mine!).  It becomes a fleeting kind of therapy.

I've had more time to sew this year than I've had in the past, and it's been much more rewarding than any shopping trip.  It's creative, yet practical.  If I think my wardrobe is lacking something, I can make it, instead of hunting down something sort-of-similar within my price range.  I'm finding that my average-girl budget can go much further with fabric and a few hours of "labor" (or, FUN!).

Now that I've been sewing regularly, I've finally found a shopping trip that I do enjoy (other than grocery shopping, that is...):  Fabric shopping!  When I walk into a good fabric shop, I really do feel like I can "listen to the threads" as Iris says.  One can feel the potential emanating from every bolt.  "What could I be?" they ask. 

I haven't stopped buying ready-made clothes altogether (see last post...actual recent purchases!), but like Iris, I prefer to wait until I "get knocked out".

P.S.  I bought a new camera this week.  I can't promise better photography, but my photos won't be grainy now.  Yay!

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  1. i love this quote. i agree, i have grown mature over retail shopping...i used to just buy stuff that i like without thinking whether i need them or if they can last for a time. now i take a good look at the item and really think of its possibilities...

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