Sunday, December 5, 2010

Blogger Off Duty & Kitchen Mishaps

I'm not really a t-shirt/jeans/flip-flops kind of girl.  I love getting dressed, and there's very little pleasure to be had by throwing on whatever's close at hand.  With that said, I am definitely not the girl wearing lipstick & pumps to buy groceries on a Sunday morning!  So, when I'm buying milk and eggs at 10am...t-shirts it is.

Today I started out throwing on my "weekend errands" attire, and it evolved into something more interesting...when I put on my favorite nude/mocha tee & was horrified by a GIANT cheese stain on the front!

Yes...  A couple weeks earlier I had put cheese on a tortilla, put it in the toaster oven, and promptly forgot about it until I walked by again and saw the tortilla puffed up like a balloon and cheese running down the sides.  Like a genius, I pulled it out with my bare hands(?!) and then threw it up into the air (?!?!) screaming.  And then, it landed cheese first on my t-shirt.  So now, I'm screaming and running down the hallway pulling my burning cheese t-shirt off with my burned fingers--my husband is so disappointed that he wasn't home to witness this--annnnd I threw it in the laundry, and forgot all about it.  Until now!

Swapped the t-shirt out for a plain navy tank.  Too chilly for a tank top...add beaded, embroidered cardigan.  Can't wear sneakers with sequins?  Cuffed my AG Boyfriend jeans (best weekend jeans ever!!!  You must get a pair) and traded my dirty Pumas for Corso Como cork platform wedges.

Results?  Not as casual as I intended, but I feel so much better!

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  1. hahahaha oh dear, we should swap kitchen stories! and i love what you're wearing. perfect for 10 a.m. grocery shopping, if you ask me. :)


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