Tuesday, December 14, 2010

All I Want is You

via Free People
I never know how to answer the question "Where are you from?".  I know where I was born (California).  I know where I've lived (California, Indiana, the Philippines, Texas).  But it doesn't feel right to say I'm "from" any of those places, and I hate launching into a long explanation when people expect a one-word answer.  I would say I was most at home in the Philippines, despite my very poor grasp of Visaya, but I think I prefer not having a "from".  I'm more interested in "going to"!

I live in Texas now, but I am most definitely not from here.  Before I moved here for college I thought Texans either dressed like cowboys, or like they were on Dallas or Dynasty.  Sometimes, I actually don't think I'm that far off ;)

Sadly, these Jeffrey Campbell over-the-knee(!!) cowboy boots are no longer available (at least, not anywhere I've thought to look).  It's just as well, as I have no need for yet another pair of boots.  But if there were ever a reason to assimilate to this place I currently call "Home", this would be it.


  1. Aw come on...do it! It ain't so so bad bein' Texan! Tee-hee...;)

  2. That's a really nice way of thinking, instead of 'where are you from', question of 'where are you going?' is so much better! I also don't know how to answer that question as well, so it ends up being from (birthplace), raised (country lived mose), living in (current address) :P still complicated though, loses people instantly.

    I've seriously never seen over-the-knee cowboy boots, I think I'd buy it just for novelty's sake Hhaha.


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