Friday, February 4, 2011

Something Old, Something...Older

I went to Feathers last weekend with my ladies, and did some major damage in the name of closet replenishment!  Unfortunately, most of my vintage goodies are unworn as of's been a pretty uninspiring week.  We've been resetting our showroom at work, so most days I am basically dressed as a day laborer...


...but still less stylish than these strangely chic laborers, circa 1943.

Well, since today is FRIDAY and we have a snow delay at work, I'm allowing myself to dress up a little.  I'm still wearing a t-shirt and jeans, but I can only handle looking shabby for so many days in a row!

Cape, Feathers Vintage; Scarf, Moxie Vintage; Tee, an Anthro keeper; James Jeans; Jeffrey Campbell boots
After my cape post, I was in major cape-hunting mode for my last two vintage excursions.  This was an AMAZING Feathers find--only $48!  It's like I imagined what my perfect cape would look like, and it magically poofed into existence!  I found another great one at Moxie that I'll share soon too.

These boots are one (two?) of the things I'll never get rid of.  I've actually had these for...6 years?!  I bought them when I worked in the Nordstrom shoe department.  A dangerous many shoe temptations!  I used to wear them cuffed with skirts, and my husband called them my "pirate boots".  After a while I kind of forgot about them, until the over-the knee trend came back a few years ago and I realized I already had the perfect pair!  When it's actually cold here (like today), these get a lot of action :)

Other news re: Closet Detox--I went through and pulled everything I want to get rid of, and moved it to the closet in my sewing room.  If I feel like wearing any of those pieces in the next week or so, I'll keep those and the items that don't return to the closet will be up for grabs!!  Stay tuned :)

And Philippines post is still coming along, but should be published next week.  Lots of photos, and lots to say.


  1. I love this red cape! What a fabulous color.

  2. that cape is sensational!
    i am literally drooling with cape-envy.
    although i can't wear it here in PI because of the weather but i still wish i have one in my closet. gaah! <3

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥


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