Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Prized Possession

Like I've said before, I don't buy too often.  My purchases are long-term commitments, not one-night stands!  Even so, there are a few pieces that stand apart from the rest as true fashion soul mates, and I think they deserve a little bit of lovin here.

So this week, let's introduce my one-and-only Marni bag, circa Spring 2004!

Here it is on the runway:

photo from
I bought this lovely thing the summer before my senior year at college.  It was a great summer: I had just started dating my husband (didn't know it yet though!) and I had just started my first non-"work study" job, which meant I actually had a small amount of spending money.

I've always had this huge crush on Marni--the eclectic mix of interesting prints, the always-fabulous shoes, and the whole "gainfully employed bohemian" look ;-)  So one day, while daydreaming my way through, I happened upon this gorgeous bag tucked away on the "Marni - Sale" page. What what what!!

It was just barely, barely out of my college-student price range.  I agonized over it for days, obsessively checking to see if it was still there.  Finally, I was looking at it for maybe the 100th time when my good friend Reese happened to look over my shoulder.

"Ooh, that's a Lisa bag!!"

Sold.  I may have eaten ramen for a couple weeks after, but it was completely worth it.


  1. such a cute bag! can be paired with a whole lot of outfits too..

    and it's funny how you checked on it for a 100th time before purchasing it..i've been eyeing a couple of shoes of a few weeks now...and i'm just waiting for the right time to buy em'.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  2. haha oh god I can't count how many times I've compromised my health too just so I could buy a bag or a pair of shoes that I would obsess over a hundred times before buying.

    Glad you gave in and bought that bag. It's gorgeous.

    Following, btw.:)
    kathi folds five


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