Saturday, January 21, 2012

Itty Bitty, Ooey Gooey

I made these baby cheesecakes after seeing this incredible recipe on the Joy the Baker blog.  I didn't have time to make caramel from scratch, but Cajeta was a deliciously messy stand-in.  I hadn't had cajeta since my college years, but an old roommate & I used to smear it on cookies or Bimbo brand pound cakes before class.  Breakfast of champions, right?  The mind reels.

Did I mention there's a ginger snap crust under all that deliciousness?

(These cupcake liners are the BEST.  "If You Care" is kind of a guilt-trippy sounding label, but you don't have to use cooking spray at all, and they aren't in silly pastel colors.  Amazing!)


  1. I am drooling! That looks like caramel heaven :)

  2. These looks good! Thanks for dropping by my blog and for making me feel better! =) I miss your outfit shots! =)


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