Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Less is More

I'm on the fence about these pants.  Then again, I'm more of a skirt girl, if you haven't noticed.  It was the perfect time to bust out my souvenir hat from Bohol though :)

So, update--I did get promoted at work!  I started out with an expiration date, and ended up with a bigger desk and a pay increase.  Good job, self!

It's been a long journey to this point actually.  When I graduated from college, I landed a job any merch major would kill for--a job I thought I wanted and a giant paycheck to go with it.  Little did I know how soul-crushing Corporate America can be.  Oh yeah, the money was great--except that I cried every day and fantasized about leaping out of office windows.  Pretty dark, huh?  And if you know me, you know I hate emotions!  So the crying was a problem.

It didn't take me long to quit that life and move to Austin, working my way through some amazing local boutiques.  I certainly didn't make anything near what I made at my first job, but guess what?  I was so much happier with less than when I had more.  I really enjoyed retail (and still hope to have a shop of my own someday) but finally it was time to move on.

My new job definitely has its stressful moments, but it's rewarding to be appreciated for qualities other than my ability to get dressed in the morning. :)  For now, I've found the right balance of money and happiness.


  1. So cute! Love the hat :)

  2. you look fantastic1 love your pants! I'm following!

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  3. I am in love too with your pants!!!

  4. Aack I can never give wide legged pants justice like you do here. :)

    Tagged you: :)


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